Making the switch to ChromeOS

Global is switching soon. Familiarize yourself with the difference between Windows and ChromeOS.

Stop by HQ3 to try out a Chrome computer and find out if you're ready to make the switch.

Starts fast, stays fast

Chromebooks start up in seconds and don’t slow down – even when software is automatically updating in the background. Your device stays up-to-date, and you stay productive.

No more waiting to sign in, and no more waiting for your profile.

No lost files

With all your files synced to the cloud, your files are safe even if your Chromebook is damaged or lost. All your data is secured with cloud-based back-up, so you can work without worry from wherever you are.

Built-in virus protection

Browse virus-free online and offline, wherever you work. From the moment you open your Chromebook, you’re protected by multiple layers of security to defend against malware, viruses and accidental mishaps, too.

The best of Google built-in

Know Chrome and Gmail? You’ll be up and working in no time. Plus, there’s the Google Play Store, so you have access to all your favorite apps on your phone, tablet and desktop.


A battery that keeps you powering

With a battery life of 8+ hours, you can focus on getting things done without having to stop to recharge. Chromebooks help you stay productive on-the-go. And, with 8+GB of RAM, they deliver performance you can count on.

No hold-ups when you're offline

About to enter Wi-Fi-free territory? No problem. You can save web pages in your Chrome browser to keep reading offline. With Google Play apps, you can work offline, anywhere, anytime.

Take your work with you anywhere at any time.